RPI company have the honor of inviting you and your colleagues to the International Conference “Polymers 2019: Efficiency, Development, Prospects” (April 2019, Moscow, Russia).

Key conference topics in 2019:
- Polymers’ application in Russia today and tomorrow
- Increasing polymer production profitability
- Focus-Session: Machine tool systems and forming equipment for processing of polymer materials
- Polymer and polymer products export
- Effcient sales of polymer and polymer products in Russia
And many others.

The International Conference “Polymers: Efficiency, Development, Prospects 2019” is aimed at several groups of attendees and is intended for various companies:
- polymer and polymer additive manufacturers will meet their B2B consumers;
- equipment suppliers will see those planning modernization of their plants;
- managers will learn about latest trends and their technical co-workers – about ways to increase production efficiency;
- attendees from the marketing side will hear about most efficient ways to promote their products and sales managers will learn how to sell more and which new possibilities exist;
- we also make a special emphasis on export what will be especially important for international sales management.

To register as a speaker, delegate, sponsor of the Conference or to obtain more information, please, contact: Elena Konstantinova: +7 (495) 5025433 / 7789332. E-mail: Konstantinova.Elena@rpi-inc.ru